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Dear Maccabi Family,

Pesach 2020 will be like no other most of us have experienced – it arrives at a time that could see the peak of the Coronavirus epidemic around the world and as a result has forced all of us to live our lives in isolation.

The connection to the Jews exodus is interesting – The Pesach Seder centres on the experience of being thrust out of our homes, these days we are trapped inside them. The story involves plagues that saved us, today we hope for the end of one. The ritual of cleaning our homes on non -Pesach food is expected, whilst now we are dealing with the many items we have after hoarding them in case of a lockdown. If this is not enough, the Seder is generally a time when we get together with family, friends and even strangers – this time it wont be the same as we cant come within 1.5m of anyone.

Yet with all of this there will still be a Pesach albeit in a different way to what we are used to – (we can use technology to stay connected) - we will be doing what millions of Jews have done before us reflect on the oppression and hope and pray for liberation.

So at this time, we take the opportunity to wish you and your families well, keep healthy, stay connected and find solace in the fact that Moses did lead his people to the other side of the Red Sea when faced with dire circumstances – we too will emerge from this with new meaning.

Chag Sameach

Yours sincerely





Jeff Sher                      Barry Smorgon OAM

President                     Chairman

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