Dear Maccabi Community

As we all come to terms with the growing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, our focus is clear, to support you and our community. To keep you connected to SPORT & LIFE as well as each other and to help protect you and your families lives through our Maccabi Updates website and our Maccabi Community Shield action plan.


Every year, millions of Jewish families gather around the Seder table to celebrate Pesach and ask the question – why is this night different from all other nights?


Well, this year, our Seders will be very different. For the first time in most of our lives, the answer to that five thousand-year-old question is, “social distancing” or Isolation, just like our Jewish ancestors who were locked in their homes that night of the tenth plague, the night before they were to be freed.


Freedom is the human trait that cannot be compromised, and our people have fought many battles for the cause.


Every week, almost 7,500 Jewish athletes across 54 Maccabi clubs represent their Jewish identity and continue the fight against racism and prejudice, most of them not even realising the power and the light that little green Maccabi star, worn close to their hearts, shines for our community.


The coronavirus is another battle that we must all fight together. We have been plunged into a world we could never have imagined. Many of us are gripped by fear, anxiety, and disbelief. We are feeling trapped and that our freedom has been taken away.


Our own Maccabi values of community, respect, teamwork and volunteerism align with the essence of Pesach and equip us all to fight this battle together.


With quarantine and physical distancing, I urge you all to take this time to build a bridge. Call someone you’ve lost touch with. Think of others who are feeling isolated right now and reach out, send them a Chag Sameach message.


Stay safe and well, keep active and follow the Maccabi Community Shield action plan.


Let’s work together to “Stop the Spread & Save Lives!”


Chag Pesach Sameach

Brian Swersky

President - Maccabi Victoria